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There is a distribution list for program participants: Updated each week, this contains all participants present in the current week and those expected the next week. To prevent spam, you must be on the list to send to the list. If you have problems sending or receiving, or just wish to join, you may add your current email address by sending a blank message to . You may remove yourself by sending to

KITP weekly calendar.

Regular KITP weekly events

Cookies and coffee: daily (except Tuesdays when there is a Physics Dept Colloquium), about 3:15 p.m.

Wine and cheese, 5:00 - 6:00; approximately every other Monday, except when other events intervene.

Monday, 12:15 : Director's Blackboard Lunch. Frequent, but not necessarily every week. These informal talks about an ongoing program are especially for non-program participants. All scientists are strongly encouraged to attend.

Tuesday, 4:00 : UCSB Physics Dept Colloquium (when classes are in session.) Refreshments at 3:30 in 1640 Broida Hall.
(no KITP seminars at this time.)

Wednesday, 2:00 : KITP Colloquium or Journalist-in-Residence (no other seminars at this time.)

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More Visitor Information

There's a shower in Room 2119, first come, first served, for those of you who have long bike rides to KITP.

Much, much more, starting from the KITP Visit Info page.